I make my ceramics on subjects I designed. The bonnet, the enamel and those entirely handmade, with the traditional technique of majolica.

They are born as collectors’ items, but they also have their own functionality. They thus position themselves between the creation of art and craft objects for furnishing.

Transferring narration, poetry, mystery and play to everyday objects is my constant motive and ceramics, more than any other means of expression, has all the features I need.

I created distinct series and “families”, the inspiration is always the enchanted world of fairy tales.

The subject I prefer is the teapot, where fairy tales are told around its surface, playing with the main characters, characteristic elements and objects.

When I add to my teapots the legs, spouts in the shape of a dragon and the delicate handles, perhaps it will almost never be used again to pour tea, but his invitation to do so remains.

As she looks at it, she asks herself to turn a trivial gesture into something unusual.

That obvious gesture, you will be able to make it exceptional by telling or suggesting a story.